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DCH Auto Group Students Against Distructive Decisions
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Mindless Driving. Keep It Out Of Cars

Car crashes are the #1 cause of death among teenagers-DCH Auto Group's new and used car dealerships in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and California are working to change that.

Mindless Driving. Keep It Out of CarsTM is a DCH exclusive, long term, teen-focused, driving-safety community outreach program and marketing campaign to keep "it"-as in, mindless driving-out of our teenagers' cars. This means not driving distracted, driving recklessly, or driving under the influence, to name a few.

The spokespeople designed specifically for our campaign are cartoon characters we call "Mind" and "Les" - a metaphor. Teens know what they're supposed to do behind the wheel of a car, but sometimes they do things that go against common sense and everything they've learned about driving safely. Their heads tell them to do one thing, but instead they do the opposite and drive mindlessly. Hence the metaphor.

Because DCH Auto Group believes in doing more than selling new and preowned cars, we've made this program a priority.

The cornerstone of our program is our affiliation with Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD). DCH Auto Group is the exclusive automotive dealer sponsor of SADD in New Jersey, southern New York, Fairfield, Connecticut, and southern California, and has agreed to help launch new SADD chapters in local area schools. Our goal is to help these schools develop successful, sustainable chapters, and to raise awareness about important behavioral decisions when behind the wheel of a car. Through this agreement, DCH Auto Group will provide both financial support and support from its employees.

The goal for the this school year is for DCH Auto Group to establish at least one new SADD chapter at a middle or high school in proximity to each DCH dealership. To achieve this goal, each DCH dealership will be working to identify one school in their area and offer both financial support and the support of the DCH team to help establish their SADD chapter.

Schools can always opt to establish a SADD chapter without formal corporate help or sponsorship. SADD simply requires that the school register their chapter with the SADD national office. Registration provides access to the SADD network but the chapter's progress is self-guided. Our program is different because the goal is to give schools the tools necessary to establish successful and sustainable chapters.

If your school doesn't have a SADD chapter, contact your local DCH dealership for help in starting one. And if your school already has a SADD chapter, contact your local DCH dealership to find out how you can benefit from this program, too! And don't forget to stop by any of the DCH Auto Group locations to get more information about Mindless Driving. Keep It Out of CarsTM and SADD.