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On February 8, 1994, the National Organization for Youth Traffic Safety Collaboration meeting was held in Washington, DC. This meeting laid the groundwork to what later developed into the coalition known today as the National Organizations for Youth Safety (NOYS).

Youth-oriented national organizations were identified and brought together to explore ways in which they could work together to promote youth safety, specifically highway traffic safety at the time. By working in a concerted effort it was hoped that not only would more youth be reached by programs, but scarce funding resources could be conserved by not duplicating work to reach the targeted youth audience. In addition, and just as important, was the objective to involve youth leaders as a part of this effort.

Since the initial meeting in 1994, the National Organizations for Youth Safety (NOYS) has grown to nearly 40 national, youth and youth-serving organizations. NOYS members have been meeting several times a year over the past several years to share information on their individual programs and projects, collaborate with other member organizations to develop programs, and work together on NOYSsponsored programs and projects.

NOYS youth design programs, serve as focus-groups or focus-group leaders on cutting-edge issues, speak on issues and promote programs at conferences, meetings, and for media outlets, as well as provide leadership within the coalition.

NOYS has increased diverse representation through the NHTSA-sponsored National Youth Diversity Summit on Traffic Safety held in Los Angeles on July 26-29, 2001. The Summit brought together five hundred youth and their adult advisors of diverse cultures and backgrounds. The youth were empowered to help reduce risk, injuries and death related to traffic crashes and other issues of concern.

Youth designed projects include:

  • NOYS New Year's Eve
  • NOYS Party Planner
  • Speak Out and Make NOYS
  • Project YOUTH-Turn
  • Smashed: Toxic Tales of Teens and Alcohol

These projects are accessible on the NOYS website at

NOYS also manages mini-grant programs to support innovative strategies that model problem-solving among local community coalitions.


Adults want to stay connected and be more productive, teens want to gossip, flirt and not be bored - whatever the reasons; distracted driving is seriously dangerous behavior that's guaranteed to lead to trouble. But how do you prevent it? How do you keep yourself and your family focused on the road while driving?

Say "Hello" to ZoomSafer, your personal safe driving assistant. ZoomSafer automatically knows when you and your family are driving and eliminates dangerous distractions due to text and email messages.

Worried about staying connected while driving? Don't be! ZoomSafer automatically tells your friends and family when you're driving and enables you to stay connected with safe and legal hands-free services.

Thanks to ZoomSafer, it has never been easier to keep your family safe behind the wheel. Simply install ZoomSafer on your family's mobile phones and choose the services you want to activate.

When driving, you can have ZoomSafer:

  • Activate automatically or manually
  • Auto-reply to text messages, emails and unanswered phone calls
  • Enable outbound calls via one touch voice dialer
  • Prioritize inbound calls through your choice of hands-free options
  • Tell you who is calling so you don't have to look at your phone.
  • Optionally share your status via email, text, Facebook or Twitter.

For more information visit

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Talk to your teen about safe driving.